- Is your skin tender and almost transparent?
    - Does your complexion have a soft light golden or warm peach glow?
    - Does the blood rush easily to your face? And when you are worried or angry, do you flush or blush quickly?
    - Does your face have a natural warm pink blush?
    - Is your hair  yellowish-blond, flaxen, golden or slightly rusty - but in any case still yellowish, not ash blonde?
    -Is the colour of your hair  warm chestnut pale or golden-brown?
    - Do you get sunburnt quickly?
    -Is your tan  golden and slightly reddish?
    -Are your eyes blue with tiny white spots?
    -Do your eyes have a greenish glow?
    - If your eyes are brown, do they have a warm golden hue?


     - Doesn’t it seem to you that when you don’t wear make-up your skin looks too pale, almost grey? 
     - Is your complexion more bluish than golden?
     - Doesn’t your skin become olive green? Do you apply bluish shadows under your eyes?
     - Does your hair have a distinct ashy shade (not yellow)?
     - Is your tan not golden brown, but rather grey-brown or hazel?
     - The iris of your eyes does not do much contrast with the whites, does it?
     - If you have blue or green eyes, are these soft shades?
     - Are the whites of your eyes of a bit creamy-white or milk-white shade?


      - If you have fair skin, does it seem bluish-transparent or porcelain?
      - If you have a dark complexion, is your skin not golden-brown, but has rather olive shade?
      - Do you like to use blue shades for your eyes?
      -Do you see a distinct contrast between the color of your hair, eyes and skin?
      -Is your hair black, dark brown,or light  with an ashy shade?
      -If your complexion is very light, do you not get sunburnt or is your suntan only hardly seen?
      -If you have a dark complexion, is your suntan very deep?
      -Do you have clear eyes of deep colour?
      - Are the whites of your eyes of a pure white colour?
      - Is the contrast between the white of your eyes and the iris bright?
      - If you have blue eyes: are they clear, dark blue, the colour of ice or violets?
      - If you have brown eyes: are they very dark, black-brown or of walnut colour?
      - If you have green eyes: are they clear bright green?


      -If you have a light complexion, is your skin clean as ivory,
or fair with freckles?
     - Are your eyelashes and eyebrows colourless?
     - If you have a darker complexion, is your skin of an intense golden-
red colour like dark peach or apricot?
     - If your skin is of a very light colour, you don’t get sunburnt at all, do you?
     - If you have a darker complexion, your skin can easily get red with no risk of sunburn?
     - Do your eyes sparkle with warm, deep sparkles?
     - Do you have green "cat" eyes?
     - Are your eyes of the colour of topaz or amber?
     - If you have blue eyes: are they light blue, black-oil or of steel shade?

Kristel Busher "What color YOU TO FACE"