The green color in our imagination is associated with ideas about nature.
The variety of the palette of this color forms positive emotions and creates a feeling of relaxation and peace, helps to get rid of unpleasant memories and a sense of inner peace. To this end, it is nice to place in the bedroom interior a green lamp or bed linen in shades of green.
Green is formed by mixing yellow and blue. The most natural  color. These colors have a different effect on human perception and belong to different categories (warm and cold).
The effect of the influence of the green color has a different effect, it mainly depends on the percentage of yellow and blue. If more blue, the color automatically looks cooler and more intense at the same time. With more yellow, a light and harmonious atmosphere arises.
Cold shades of green are good to use for the winter, summer color type. Warm shades are suitable for the color type appearance Spring, Autumn.