THE MAGIC OF COLOUR (psychological aspects)

             Raznotsvete not only pleases the eye. Color in some way affects our health, fitness and health, including on our psyche.
      Now it is proved that the color does not leave anyone indifferent. The color of responding animals (insects, for example, attracts and repels the yellow blue color), color effects on plants (by changing the growth rate and taste, and sometimes even causing them to death).

The influence of color on health

            Psychologists and therapists who specialize in the treatment of color in our time be able to help with a variety of diseases. Patients treated with a certain color spectrum light - it really helps. For example, the red color activates the immune system, increases blood pressure, blood sugar and stimulates the production of adrenaline. Blue - on the contrary, calms, the pulse becomes slower, breath - more even in the blood decreases the level of adrenaline. The blue color is ideal for bedrooms and not fit for office.
The orange color stimulates the circulatory system, turquoise refreshing yellow helps fight off sleep.
Goethe, during his whole life to observe and study the phenomenon of color, attributed to
color certain emotional quality.
Red - an exhilarating, dark blue - serious green - gooey, yellow - a stimulating, orange - fresh, violet - depressive.

Kristel Busher "What color YOU TO FACE"