Create your personal and unique image is easier and easier with the help of accessories, which intelligently takes into account all the color features of your natural appearance. Handkerchiefs and especially silk handkerchiefs made in the technique of hand-painted silk are always up-to-date and relevant when creating your image. Women of the color-type Summer are blurred pastel colors, if they contain delicate bluish or gray nuances. Of the darker shades, it is better to use a smoky dark blue or brown with a pinkish or grayish hue.

These color combinations are especially suitable for residents of the middle band, respectively, the most common in Russia.
Colors in the color image of appearance are calm, there is no contrast, aristocratism and femininity are observed.
In the summer coloring wardrobe, it is advantageous to use a dark blue color.
This color creates spectacular combinations: with the color of the summer dawn; with green; with white; with gray, light pink and brown; with pink and green-blue; with blue jeans; red and white; with vanilla-yellow and light-blue; with a dark brown, lilac and vanilla-yellow color.
Also, you can choose a brown color (the color of bitter chocolate) as the basis. The best colors for supplements: blue jeans; smoky blue with light green and white; gray with white and red; purple with pink; yellow with purple.
If you use the lavender pink in the wardrobe, it is combined with such color additions as: lavender; dark blue with a bright pink; color of dawn with dark-brown; brown with light brown; silvery-gray with yellow.