Yellow tint is one of the most active and light colors of the color spectrum palette. This is a cheerful color, which is perceived by us as a sunny color and causes a good inner state. This color can be either cold (lemon color) or warm (the color of egg yolk).
Yellow color is good to use in the interior, as it has a good effect on the psyche and supports a positive mood.

The following features of this color should be considered when using it in the wardrobe.
Yellow is a clear, energetic color that attracts attention, but not annoyingly. Easily perceived and harmoniously looks in various combinations in clothes.
1 It visually enhances the shape of the body, (the property of warm and bright colors of paints), but it is important to choose the right combination and then you can avoid this effect.
2 The most successful use of a bright yellow color for the spring color type of appearance and color type Winter. For other color types of appearance, other color combinations of this color will do.