Selection of color combinations with color wheel


Color - is the name for the various electromagnetic waves, which brought people into line with different colors.

Currently, artists and designers use color wheel Ittena

Color wheel - a way of representing the continuity of color transitions, as well as models of HSB. Sector of a circle painted in various hues, placed in order of spectral colors, with purple binds the extreme (red and purple) color.

Color wheel is usually divided into warm and cold half.

Warm colors: red, orange, yellow, and intermediate shades.

Cool colors: blue, blue, green, and transition - the blue-violet, blue and green.

Pairs of flowers arranged in a circle facing each other are called complementary (eg, green - red, yellow - purple, blue - orange. A combination - complementary.
How to choose a harmonious color using the color wheel:

Combination of 2 colors:

Complementary colors - are located at the ends of the diameter of the circle.

Extremely remote pair.

Combination of 3 colors:

The classic triad - the colors are located on top of an equilateral triangle inscribed in a color wheel.

A similar triad - 3 next to each other in color.

Contrast triad.

Combination of 4 colors:

In this scheme, each pair of colors will be complementary.


When using these schemes need to consider the number of colors. The easiest option - is to take the same color as the basis and the remainder used as an additional, as accents. You can also change the brightness - that is to dilute the original color. In general, the options are many.