Recommendations for choosing colours in CLOTHING

Clothing for women of spring-type

Clothing for "spring" women should emphasize their natural, fresh charm.
  The following colours are recommended as principal:
- A gentle shade of eggshell or warm light beige colour;
- The colour of any shade of camel's hair;
- Pink salmon;
- Peach-yellow;
- Light blue with a tinge of grey;
  If you do not like pale pink or light yellow colour, take golden-brown or azure-blue. The main thing is to consider what colours you are comfortable in.
For example, you can combine the following colours:
- Apricot;
- Light green apple;
  - Warm orange-red colour.

Clothing for women of summer type

The best colours for your wardrobe will be the following:

- Mixed white, the colour of unpainted white hair or the colour of the eggshell;
- Muted blue of the sea;
- Soft bluish-greyish colours;
- Brownish-pink;
- Light lilac.
These colours can be combined, for example, with:
- Juicy raspberry;
- Lemon-yellow;
- A beautiful shade of green sea.

Clothing for women of autumn type

You can choose the following colours of the autumn palette:
- Warm creamy-white;
- Deep red rust;
-Dark bottle-green;
- Luminous orange;
- Average shade of camel wool.
The main colours can be mixed with other colours of your palette, for example:
- Juicy black oil color;
- Clear tomato-red;
- Dark lilac, the colour of hollyhocks.

Clothing for women of winter type

It is better to take the following colours as the basics:
- Black;
- Blue sea;
- Red;
- White;
- Anthracite.
For combining different shades you can choose, for example:
- Bright purple-pink;
- Dark cyclamen;
- Emerald green.

Kristel Busher "What color YOU TO FACE"