Color has a strong effect on man. There is the concept of color therapy-color treatment.
Red is a special color. It has the longest wave, therefore it penetrates deep into the tissues of the human body and has a variety of effects: it provides a surge of strength and vitality, raises mood, helps with nervous exhaustion, affects metabolism.
Red is responsible for passion and sexual desire, is recognized as the most active and saturated color.

Experts advise to apply red color in the morning, it causes cheerfulness and energy for the coming day.
In cases of need to solve problems and realize their ambitions - red color is irreplaceable.
In our time, red color is used by active, life-loving people who can solve the problems facing them.
Women who prefer this color, are accustomed to be in the limelight, confident in irresistibility and do not like competition.
Men - achieve success in life and they, as a rule, are good leaders.