Violet color combines the energy of red and calm blue, therefore, has an ambiguous effect on the perception of man, he has a magical attraction. This color is a symbol of individualism and creativity, the most mysterious of all the colors of the spectrum. Many shades of this color have names for colors. Lavender is a slightly muted color of lavender. Lilac color (lilac) light purple with a pinkish tinge. Violet deep, rich tone of purple. Nowadays, fuchsia is an increasingly popular color, which combines a rich purple tone with a dark pink color. The amaranth flower gave the name amaranth color to a mixture of violet with a brighter pink tone.
Violet has a symbolic mysterious meaning. It is used in magic, astrology, exoterica.
The variety of shades of purple can be used for a cold color type of appearance (Summer, Winter), and for a warm color type (Spring, Autumn).
Cold shades of lavender and violet. Warm fuchsia, amaranth.
Violet color in clothes and make-up forms the image of a mysterious and romantic woman.