Accessories - the fastest and easiest way to create a competent color image. Handkerchiefs, especially silk handkerchiefs made in the technique of artistic hand-painted, will emphasize your individual characteristics. Such accessories, made of natural silk, are always relevant, exclusive and modern.
Colors of the autumn type contain a yellow color, look saturated or tender, diluted.
Pure white and black should be avoided.
Winning look warm brown colors - from light champagne and golden beige to warm rust and dark chocolate color.
The dark blue color with an admixture of green, very suitable for the autumn type as the primary color when forming a wardrobe.

These paints are well used together with bright shades.
The combination is possible: with orange, with peach, with brown, with red, with khaki color.
Color khaki - very successfully can be used as the primary color for creating a color palette of the autumn type.
This color is complementary with red, white wool, plum-blue, peach, blue-violet.
You can also use rusty-brown color as the main color of clothing, which is the most successful choice for the appearance of autumn type.
A beautiful combination is created with plum-blue and brown, blue-violet and orange, red and yellow.